What we do

We help our clients develop winning go-to-market strategies for sustainable profitable growth. We accomplish this by gathering market intelligence, converting intelligence into actionable insights, analyzing the competitive landscape, and working with clients to turn insights into strategy and tactics.

Our services fall into the following categories:

We provide our clients with:

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    Unique Access: the ability to identify and access key decision-makers and persuade them to share their knowledge, insights, and perspective is essential to discovering market opportunities. Through our extensive focus on industrial and business-to-business markets, we have developed the skills that allow us to reach both the C-suite and the one-in-ten thousand technical specialist on the manufacturing floor.

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    Deep Insights: We go beyond gathering intelligence. We employ sophisticated methodologies – both qualitative and quantitative – that uncover deep insights, enabling us to analyze, segment, and model markets; elicit articulated and unarticulated customers needs, preferences, and decision drivers; and evaluate competitors’ strategies. We go beyond gathering market intelligence: we deliver actionable insights and game-changing business approaches to reshape market opportunities.

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    Strategic Analysis: We are passionate about strategy and are continuously developing and improving our strategic tools to help clients formulate winning strategies that create not just points of differentiation, but points of distinction that drive brand preference. We understand that market intelligence can only measure what is- not what could be. For that reason, we combine market insights, timeless principles of strategy, and our consultants’ experience & creativity to develop superior strategic positioning recommendations for clients- positioning that is dynamic and able to sustain a competitive advantage in fast-moving, hypercompetitive markets.

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    Objective Counsel: No matter our level of experience in a market or familiarity with a client, we approach each project from a fresh perspective and allow the data to drive our analyses. As a result, we depoliticize decision-making, and provide accurate and objective advisory services to our clients.

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    Independent Process: One of our core competencies is facilitating executive decision-making. As an independent third party we become the advocate for the customer and the market to keep decision making free of the bias of experience, or influence of managerial rank. Our independent process brings discipline to strategy development and removes emotion from the merger & acquisition process.

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    Global Reach: Our senior consultants have extensive international experience. Offices in Hamburg and Beijing and a network of field research teams in over 50 countries worldwide allow us to approach every project from a global perspective. We routinely complete multi-country studies for clients that result in the development of targeted market entry strategies for specific markets as well as global strategies for the business unit. The fact that we work across industry sectors provides us with the perspective to share adjacent opportunities or threats with clients.