Geo Strategy Partners’ core competency is helping clients develop strategies to create and sustain a competitive advantage in a global and dynamic market place.

You guys go really deep. We appreciate the time you took to understand the industry, the technology, and what our clients are looking for. We have the strategic roadmap we needed.

Director of Research | Wind energy company

We believe strategy should be market-driven and formulated with the advantage of customer insights and competitive intelligence. At the same time, the essence of strategy is making choices about where and how to compete, and about aligning internal activities to reinforce the strategy. To enable our clients to accomplish this, we leverage timeless strategic principles and critical strategic thinking along with market insights to create winning strategies.

Our approach is non-linear and emphasizes the strategic positioning of the organization on the competitive landscape. We then analyze core competencies and key assets in light of market opportunities and competitive threats to determine how to create sustainable competitive advantage. This includes innovations in business models and internal alignment of all activities to support and reinforce the strategy. Only then do we address the more linear tasks of strategic planning.

We also believe that strategy should be constant at its core and flexible in its adaptation to changing markets and competitive responses. As such, we focus on formulating dynamic strategies for our clients that enable sustained profitability- even in turbulent and hyper-competitive global markets. When the environment changes, our clients don't return to the drawing board; they draw on their strategic core to seize the opportunity and outrival the competition.

We recognize the following types of strategy:

Go-to-Market Strategy: a focus on products and markets including where and how to compete. It includes pricing strategies, product development strategies, value positioning, and strategic messaging. It is about determining best products, best markets, and best channels to connect with current, new, and lost customers.

Competitive Strategy or Business Unit Strategy: achieving and sustaining a competitive advantage across product lines; designing the optimal business model for creating and capturing value; building a brand strategy and driving preference for that brand.

Corporate Strategy or Portfolio Management: creating additional value through the intelligent combination of businesses that in totality reinforce the competitive advantage of each, and further leverage the brand and corporate identity.

Brand Strategy: Our brand strategy approach builds on strategic positioning and leverages our market research capabilities in assessing brand perception and awareness, and user insights. We leverage the Young and Rubicam model to structure brand architecture based on relevance, vitality, esteem, and stature.