Listen to the voice of your customer, find out what your competitors are doing, analyze the competitive landscape, discover and quantify new market opportunities, determine key decision-drivers and unmet needs, gather insights for product development, measure your brand equity.

Your research was exhaustive and your analysis was in-depth. I think there is no question we now know everything we need to about this potential opportunity.

CEO | Chemical manufacturer

Geo Strategy Partners’ market research practice can help you identify, measure, segment, and capture market growth opportunities to support a go-to-market strategy.

Geo Strategy Partners provides strategic market research and competitive intelligence services to business-to-business and industrial clients. We excel at custom qualitative and quantitative research and high-level strategic analysis.

Qualitative methodologies we use include in-depth executive and technical interviews (conducted by phone or face-to-face), focus groups (conducted face-to face, phone-web, or completely online as a bulletin board or online group), ethnography, and usability. Our moderators capture articulated and unarticulated insights from senior product/service decision-makers spanning multiple B2B and industrial sectors.

Quantitative methodologies we use include online surveys and CATI (computer-aided telephone interviewing). We have the talent in-house to program, test, field and perform sophisticated data analytics and market modeling that provide actionable insights.

Study types we routinely perform include market opportunity, Voice of the Customer (satisfaction, decision drivers, unmet needs, concept testing, and usability), competitive intelligence, brand perception and awareness, and industry analysis.

Respondents we recruit and interview/survey include customers, lost customers, non-customers, distributors, competitors, influencers to the customer decision (engineering firms, architecture & design firms, etc.), regulators/public officials, thought leaders (journalists, academicians, associations/standards bodies, and others, depending on the project.

We also conduct extensive secondary research on most projects using proprietary and publically-available databases, competitor literature and websites, trade shows, industry statistics (production, import/export, value).

With offices in Atlanta, Hamburg and Beijing and fieldwork partners in over 50 countries, we have the talent and the reach to support your most challenging projects.

Our formula: Focus on the client’s objectives; utilize sound classical research methodologies; add experienced consultants, proprietary analytical models, abundant creativity, and sound business acumen. Geo Strategy Partners strives for insightful results high in validity, reliability, repeatability and objectivity. We focus on your strategic objectives to help you determine: Where you are… Where you need to be…and How to get there.