Know where to compete and how to win. Geo Strategy Partners excels at conducting market opportunity studies that support go-to-market strategies to drive profitable growth.

A market opportunity study conducted by Geo Strategy Partners can either be an in-depth examination of a single market or a market attractiveness model built across multiple sectors to rank and prioritize the opportunities. Clients who come to us for a market opportunity study are typically viewing the competitive landscape through Ansoff’s matrix: looking to increase share of existing markets, enter new markets with existing products, introduce new products into an existing market, or developing new products for new markets.

We develop a custom approach for each market opportunity study, drawing from our extensive toolkit of methodologies. Most projects include the following elements:

Voice of the Customer
  • Satisfaction
  • Decision drivers
  • Unmet needs
  • Market sizing and modeling
  • Market analysis and segmentation
  • Competitive intelligence
  • Channel strategies and path-to-market
  • Brand perception and awareness
  • Industry analysis including growth rates, new technologies, structure
  • Strategic analysis resulting in recommendations for a go-to-market strategy

A comprehensive market opportunity study is our most requested service because it truly enables you to determine…Where you are… Where you need to be… How you get there.