Our market intelligence gathering capabilities range from identifying and accessing industry insiders to expert interviewing techniques; and from data mining to sophisticated data analytics that highlight industry structure and competitive dynamics.

Gathering specific intelligence about competitors’ strategies is not easy: there is no silver bullet. Geo Strategy Partners employs a 360o competitive analysis approach that combines customer perceptions of competitors with industry data obtained from public and proprietary databases along with interviews with thought leaders, distributors and channel partners, sales representatives, and sometimes direct interviews with competitors themselves. By triangulating multiple perspectives and interpolating between data points, we achieve a high degree of success in profiling our clients’ competitors and uncovering their strategic intent.

We adhere to high ethical standards when gathering information on competitors. At the outset of a project, we discuss with clients the competitive information we expect to be able to gather as well as that which we expect will be unobtainable. When we anticipate certain information may be impossible to obtain, we advise clients the assignment will be done on a best effort basis. However, a thoughtfully-executed project in which answers are pursued with persistence from many angles frequently reveals the competitive insights our clients seek.