Measuring customer satisfaction is a fundamental sales and marketing tool. Knowing where you stand with your customers, and in particular, how you compare against your competitors in the minds of your customers, is basic market intelligence and insight that informs tactical sales and strategic marketing campaigns. Companies that delight their customers know where they stand by establishing a baseline of performance and tracking their ability to “move the needle.” Designed correctly, a customer satisfaction study will reveal decision-drivers and identify opportunities for new product development and new sales and marketing approaches.

Surprisingly, many B2B and industrial firms – particularly those with a limited and finite set of customers, neglect this important marketing tool. A voice of the customer project launch with a client-provided customer list attests to the degree to which the client has maintained contact with its customers. Bad names, numbers, and emails may indicate a low level of customer intimacy. Knowing who your customers are and how they perceive you should be baseline insights required for marketing to existing customs.

We design and execute customer satisfaction studies that include standard measurements, such as general satisfaction, net promoter score, and loyalty. We also create a secure customer index- the intersection of overall satisfaction, likelihood to recommend, and likelihood to repurchase.