Geo Strategy Partners is a full service market research and strategy firm serving clients competing in industrial and business-to-business markets since 1992. Our services are designed to enable you to identify and size opportunities, analyze the competitive landscape, develop winning go-to-market strategies, and accelerate growth through mergers & acquisitions.

All our projects are custom-designed to our clients’ business objectives, and all our work is performed in-house by senior consultants. We are the firm to call if you are looking to

  • Discover and evaluate new market opportunities
  • Determine how to compete and successfully enter new markets
  • Develop and introduce new products based on customer/non-customer insights
  • Identify and deploy sources of competitive advantage
  • Strategically position your organization for sustainable growth
  • Formulate winning go-to-market strategies
  • Innovate the business model
  • Operationalize strategy through the alignment of the business model and related activities and functions
  • Accelerate strategic growth through partnerships, investment, and acquisitions

How we are different: Unlike many firms, our practice does not draw sharp distinctions between research and strategy. In fact, it is our ability to combine our dual competencies in market research and strategy development that distinguishes our practices from traditional research and strategy firms alike. All of our projects combine elements of both, and we leverage market insights to enable our clients to develop winning strategies. That’s why we are known as the go-to-firm for go-to-market strategy.

How we are different from other market research firms...
We are unique in the world of market research firms because we specialize in industrial and B2B markets. We excel at accessing difficult to reach decision-makers and analyzing complex industry structures and technical product applications. We have sophisticated tools to elicit customer insights that drive purchase decisions and create brand preference. We design analytical models to size and segment the competitive landscape. We employ experienced B2B research consultants to capture competitive insights. Our field research capabilities are global and encompass developed, emerging and undeveloped markets. We don’t just focus on our research methodology and the corresponding deliverables, we focus on our clients’ business objectives and our research deliverables always include strategic alternatives and recommendations.

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How we are different from other strategy firms...
We are unique among global strategy consultancies in that we only focus on competitive strategies where products and solutions compete for customers. If you need an IT strategy, operational improvement, or a human resources plan, we are not the firm you are seeking. Because we leverage our competency in market research and analysis to support strategic decision-making, our clients turn to us as the go-to-firm for go-to-market strategies. We also stand out from boutique strategy firms in that we focus on strategic positioning rather than planning. If you are looking for a mission statement followed by goals, and objectives that no one will ever refer to after the flip charts come down, we are not the firm you are seeking. If you want to exploit market opportunities, develop a differentiated value position, determine the best path to market, and align your business model with your strategy, we should have a conversation.

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How we are different from other M&A firms…
Our approach to private middle market M&A is different from that of investment bankers and business brokers. We take a market-driven approach, leveraging our full range of market analysis capabilities to identify and vet acquisition targets or suitors. We apply sound strategic analysis to determine fit so the acquisition actually achieves the intended business goals. Our experience in B2B markets is instrumental to our ability to help buy-side clients find opportunities that are not on the market and thus avoid a competitive situation. Conversely, for sell-side clients, our process creates an invisible market where buyers compete blindly for the opportunity to bid, thereby maximizing the ultimate value to the shareholders.

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