I was among the first to admit that I was pleasantly surprised with the quality of work that you put forth. I’ve hired research firms in the past in my prior life working at other companies and my experience has been that you pay through the nose to get one or two nuggets of information that you don’t have before but I thought that it was well put together, so congratulations."

Sales Manager, Nuclear Systems
Manufacturer of electric power products

I really love everything you’ve done here… I think you’ve done an exceptional job and you’ve answered ALL the questions that we wanted you to answer. I wish we had taken the time to do something like this in advance of introducing this program. There was SO much riding on the timing of this and you all came in exactly on time and I feel like we’re going to be very well prepared (for our board meeting)."

President and CEO
Membership Association

Thank you for the outstanding work you and your team did on the HR study. The sample you delivered was exceptional especially in light of the challenging timeline. The study had a major impact on our client’s product strategy and even led to them pursuing a new acquisition. They could not have been happier."

Managing Director
Consulting Firm

WOW! I just finished reviewing and what a complete, thorough and well thought-out analysis. It is apparent that you and your team dedicated significant time and energy into the end product. I really appreciate it. There is so much good stuff here, that at times I felt like a was drinking out of a fire hose."

Senior Marketing Research Analyst
Global quality organization

It has been a pleasure to work with you on our branding study this year. You brought a whole new dimension of clarity to our research and have given us the tools to make much better strategic decisions."

Market Insight Manager
Global apparel company

Homerun GeoStrategy! Great Job with all your efforts. I am, and always have been, very pleased with the thoroughness (and adaptability/flexibility) with your work."

Senior Manager, Life Sciences
Paper products manufacturer

It's rare to find a partner that can seamlessly jump in and supplement your team's research and strategy needs the way that Geo Strategy Partners does. The research team developed a creative plan to quickly deliver competitive intelligence and customer insights to identify where we were positioned. But it didn't stop at the insights, the strategic support helped us determine where to focus and align the organization to take action and strengthen our position in the market place."

Stacey Vogler
Vice President, Marketing and Product Development
Assurant Solutions

Geo Strategy Partners is very responsive to client needs. Our project was a success based on true partnership with the team and their perseverance. Definitely will work with Geo again on future project(s)."

Brenda Kaplan
Marketing Communications Specialist

Geo Strategy Partners took the time to understand our business from a market perspective, as well as an operational perspective. They combined that understanding with their knowledge of market analysis and acquisitions and helped us identify and close on a strategic acquisition. Geo Strategy Partners identified risks that were mitigated, and helped identify synergies that strengthened our financial models. Geo Strategy Partners helped us close the deal quicker, with less risk, and higher returns than we could have done on our own. I will definitely use Geo Strategy Partners again."

Joe Cain
V.P. Engineering & Services
Control Southern Inc.

GSP is an outstanding market research company that will hold your hands all the way from project inception and completion, and beyond."

Perry Naik
Global Consumer Insights

Great people who find ways to get the results we needed."

John Eder
Director of Product Management, Commercial/Industrial

I have been consistently pleased with the services provided by Geo Strategy and see them as a strategic partner for my organization. I would highly recommend Geo Strategy especially for difficult recruitment market research projects."

Dion Ross
Director of Insights & Innovation Networks

When you use Geo Strategy Partners, you will receive accurate and actionable industrial market research. It is rare to find a market research firm that understands the value of speaking directly with industrial end users and who knows how to get it done. They will take the difficult-to-execute projects and deliver results."

Director - Business Development
Electrical manufacturer

Your research was exhaustive and your analysis was in-depth. I think there is no question we now know everything we need to about this potential opportunity."

Metals coating company
chemical manufacturer

You guys go really deep. We appreciate the time you took to understand the industry, the technology, and what our clients are looking for. We have the strategic roadmap we needed."

Director of Research
Wind energy company

You have completed for us the most comprehensive examination of our market that has been undertaken in our over 30 years of business. You have shown us the path to continued growth and profitability and we will certainly implement most if not all of your recommendations."

Nationwide homebuilder

We didn’t realize all the steps that were involved in selling a business. Thank you for managing the process through to a successful transaction."

IT staffing firm

I don’t think the economic success we’ve experienced the past two years happened by accident. The strategic foundation you built three years ago has played a large part in setting the forces in motion to create the economic growth and excitement we are experiencing today."

Country Manager
Power utility company

You may have just saved us from investing millions of dollars in an industry that is not growing. Thank you very much."

Vice President
Metal fabrication company

Geo Strategy Partners' analyses helped us segment our market and rationalize our sales force effectively."

VP Marketing
Industrial lubricants company

This has been absolutely fantastic. You guys had very limited resources and we gave you only a month and so what you were able to do in that timeframe is really, really impressive and I thank you all for your dedication and hard work. I personally am a fan of pursuing this further.”

VP Marketing

Everyone is impressed with overall work product.”

Vice President of Business Development
Engineering and construction firm

One of our VC Directors already asked for your contact info. I believe your work was well executed and will result in further research.”

Polymer company

Thank you for your excellent support. Your professionalism and quality of deliverables are recognized and appreciated. We look forward to working with you on next steps and future projects.”

Head of Front-End Innovation

I appreciate you taking me through the methodology because I was unsure of how you had deduced the answers, but you guys have done a great job of explaining it to me. I think that this has been a challenge for everyone involved and I think that you have handled it pretty masterfully.”


Thanks again for your leadership and insights in providing such rich research information. Everyone really appreciates the amount of work and thinking that supported this effort.”

Customer Insights
Global manufacturer of polymers and fibers