How we work

We work with each client on an individual basis and design a custom approach appropriate to meet the objectives of the assignment. We are known for being responsive and flexible: we place the business objectives of our client ahead of our preferred methodology. Typically, a client manager, project manager, and lead consultant are assigned to each project. While one person may be tasked with multiple roles, there is always a senior consultant chartered with the following tasks:

  • serving as the primary point of contact with the client
  • making sure we are on track to meet the client’s objectives
  • managing project tasks and division of labor to ensure completion of all aspects of the scope of work according to the timeline
  • directing fieldwork and analysis

We stay engaged with your team and will adjust to your changing business needs during the course of a project. We communicate frequently with informal dialogue and at specific milestones with more formal reporting.

We use experienced consultants to draft moderator guides and survey instruments, conduct focus groups and executive interviews, and perform data analytics.  The principals that begin the project with you will be heavily involved in execution, and will be with you at reporting as the strategy is crystallized.

We take the time to understand our client's company, culture, product, business model and market focus. We work in a collaborative and consultative role to assess strengths and weaknesses and complete a thorough strategic analysis that synthesizes market findings and strategic principles. We focus on helping you understand your current competitive position, determine the ideal strategic positioning for your organization, and formulate strategies to achieve that positioning.

Where you are…Where you need to be… How you get there