Our logo

Our logo combines the images of a compass, a gyroscope, and a globe, representing the three dimensions of our practice: research, strategy, and growth. They are also metaphors for the purpose of our services: to help you determine where you are, where you need to be, and how to get there. Finally, they illustrate the exploratory nature of our work, our global perspective, and the need to develop enduring strategies that are flexible and adaptive to a changing market place.

The Compass best reflects our strategic market research and analysis practice. Often companies are so focused on tactical execution they lose the perspective of their strategic direction. By tapping into the voice of the customer, benchmarking through competitive intelligence, and examining the overall competitive environment, we are able to help companies chart new directions, and better understand where they stand with respect to their customers, competitors, and partners. We do not just gather data, we interpret this data and present it in such a way that our clients can determine where they need to go next, anticipate where the next competitive threats will surface, and evaluate whether or not they are on track with their original plan. We help our clients explore new market opportunities and navigate the competitive landscape.

The Gyroscope best represents our unique non-linear approach to strategy development. Like a gyroscope, we believe strategy should be constant and enduring at the core while always in dynamic motion, and adaptable to changing markets and competitive threats. Organizations must be flexible and adjust to changing market conditions, yet they must remain centered on their true core competencies and oriented toward a clear alignment with their customers' enduring needs. We consider a company’s core essence to be its center of gravity, and enduring customer needs to be the source of wealth creation around which they revolve. A gyroscope maintains its orientation even in a weightless environment. Good strategic positioning ensures that sustainable core competencies are always oriented toward and in alignment with enduring customer needs, even when the business model is re-configured.

The Globe illustrates our ability to help our clients achieve competitive positioning on the global landscape. It also represents how we help organizations grow strategically through collaboration and integration with other companies through mergers and acquisitions, strategic alliances, and capital investment. It also signifies the global perspective and scope that we bring to each project, as well as our ability to help organizations develop their business on a global basis through our field research partners and consultants located in countries around the world.