Our ethics statement

Consulting is a profession first and a business second. We avoid conflicts of interest in acceptance of assignments; we treat client information with absolute confidentiality; and we uphold the highest standards of business ethics even when conducting sensitive work like competitive intelligence.

  • We believe our job is to make our clients more successful.
  • We focus on business outcomes, not the results of our process.
  • We believe every client and every project is different, requiring a unique approach.
  • We view each assignment as an investigation; we set aside biases with respect to potential outcomes. A significant part of the process is the discovery of information neither we nor the client knew about their business at the outset.
  • We do not accept assignments for which we are not suited.
  • We believe in our process and our clients’ industry knowledge. We do not expect our client to do our work for us, nor do we represent ourselves as experts in our clients' business.
  • We are flexible in our approach and services.
  • We strive for objectivity and depoliticization of the decision-making process.
  • We respect our clients’ intellectual property and protect proprietary information at all times.