According to the Outdoor Industry Association, over 140 million Americans make outdoor recreation a priority in their daily lives, spending $646 billion a year and creating 6.1 million jobs.  Outdoor recreation is increasing in popularity globally as consumers in emerging and developing markets have more leisure time and disposable income. To put things in perspective, the outdoor market in the US is almost twice as large as the pharmaceutical, motor vehicle, gasoline, and household utilities markets. 

As much as we enjoy the outdoors, Geo Strategy Partner focuses on the business-to-business dynamics of this large consumer market, helping our clients analyze market opportunities, develop new products and grow through mergers and acquisitions.

We Work In
Boating Destination development
Fishing Hunting
Tourism development  
We Work With
Manufacturers Economic development agencies
Resorts Tourism authorities
Recent recreation projects

Merger and acquisition project for an outdoor gear company focused on the fishing market.

Economic development strategy for a Caribbean country.

Development project for a tourism resort

Promotional strategies for a tourism development organization

Clients who have engaged us in projects targeting the recreation sector:
  • Curacao
  • Jamaica
  • Chota Outdoor Gear
  • Shane Watson Fishing
  • Roland Martin Productions
  • Lake Lanier Islands Resort
  • Caribbean Development Partners
  • Fish Curacao
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