Potential revenue in the global electricity market is approaching $2.5 trillion: potential revenue since not all electricity that is generated is sold. While demand for power is growing, so are challenges faced by the industry: fuel pricing fluctuations, more stringent regulations on emissions- spent nuclear fuel-effluent release, aging and fragile electrical grids, etc. Because power quality and reliability drives investment by other industries, it is a key infrastructure asset used in industrial and commercial recruitment and retention by economic developers.

Geo Strategy Partners understands the unique dynamics of power generation and transmission and serves clients in this sector with customized research and analysis, strategy consulting, and M&A support.

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Fuel cells Gas turbines- including combined cycle High performance building/building integrated photovoltaics (BIPV)
Power generation- fossil fuels, nuclear, wind, hydro, geothermal, solar Power storage/backup power Power transmission and distribution
PV cells/solar module manufacturing Smart grid and micro grids Waste heat recovery
Wind blade/turbine manufacturing    
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Recent Power Industry Projects

Geo Strategy Partners has vast experience in the power industry. ..

Study of business owners for a utility on evaluation and selection of electrical appliances, sources of information, providers, benefits, etc.

Ethnographic visits to nuclear, coal-fired and gas power plants and linemen ethnographic "ride-along" to study all-purpose and high-voltage hand protection needs in power generation and transmission/ distribution.

Market opportunity study for quality training, quality certification, and body of knowledge tools related to safety and best practices in the power industry.

Market opportunity study related to gas turbines in the North American power industry.

Market opportunity study for vessels (including containment vessels) in the power industry.

Strategic consulting on a products/services bundling offering for an electric municipal cooperative that led to a new suite of services for commercial and residential customers.

Multi-year economic development consulting engagements across several Caribbean countries on behalf of three power utilities.

Market opportunity/unmet needs study associated with power management in the oil and gas industry (refineries, oil rigs, gas processing plants)

Concept test of integrated drive technology in a power generation environment.

We were recently awarded preferred provider status for qualitative research services for a large regulated utility in the US.

Market opportunity study for insights into product development for a line of epoxies custom-designed for the wind energy industry.

Market opportunity study of the North American ethylene vinyl acetate market (EVA) used as an encapsulant material in the manufacture of solar modules.

Market opportunity study related to the use of calcium hypochlorite as a water treatment chemical for intake water or effluent from power plants and other industrial sites.

Exploration of the sale of slewing bearing manufacturing assets in North America.

Market opportunity study of electric heat tracing applications in Brazil associated with power plants that use liquid fossil fuels.

Instrumentation use and unmet needs study across municipal and industrial sectors, including power generation.

Clients who have engaged us in projects targeting the Power sector:
  • Ansell
  • Aqualectra
  • Cobb EMC
  • Dow Chemical
  • Georgia Power/Southern Company
  • Iljin
  • Jamaica Public Service Company
  • Kadant-Johnson
  • Leviton
  • Mirant
  • Pentair
  • Siemens
  • SKC
  • SPX

Thought Leaders who have participated with us on projects targeting the power sectors
GRU National Grid OKG
Vattenfall Xcel Energy  

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Geo Strategy Partners' project success in the power vertical is due to our extensive contacts in the industry and our ability to access hard-to-reach professionals. To learn how Geo Strategy Partners can help you in this sector, contact us.